Why Are We Building Allo?

It’s more challenging than ever to be in control of our finances. Millions of products are available at the click of a button, “buy now, pay later” is commonplace, subscriptions are renewed automatically, companies target us with personalized advertising, the list goes on and on. It’s no wonder why money is the number one stressor for most of us.

We believe that a mindful money practice is the answer. We can pay more attention — not just to the numbers, but to the values, the dreams, the priorities that drive our day-to-day financial life. We can be more in touch with how we feel about them — what sits well, and what doesn't. By building awareness, we can cut through the stress and feel more peaceful and grateful.

Better yet, when we are more aware, we make better decisions. Research shows that over time, a sustained awareness practice will lead to long-lasting changes to spend less on those things you consider wasteful, spend joyfully on the things you value today, and leave enough saved for the things you value in your future.

❤️ Team Allo