The Mindful Money

Transform your relationship with money and
spend and save on the things that matter.

Why are we building Allo?

It’s more challenging than ever to be in control of our finances. Millions of products are available at the click of a button, “buy now, pay later” is commonplace, subscriptions are renewed automatically, companies target us with personalized advertising, the list goes on and on. It’s no wonder why money is the number one stressor for most of us.

We believe that a mindful money practice is the answer. We can pay more attention — not just to the numbers, but to the values, the dreams, the priorities that drive our day-to-day financial life. We can be more in touch with how we feel about them — what sits well, and what doesn't. By building awareness, we can cut through the stress and feel more peaceful and grateful.

Better yet, when we are more aware, we make better decisions. Research shows that over time, a sustained awareness practice will lead to long-lasting changes to spend less on those things you consider wasteful, spend joyfully on the things you value today, and leave enough saved for the things you value in your future.

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Guided by
Your Values

Start with your why — what’s important to you and how you want to use your money.

Life is more than just the average budgeting categories like Bills, Transportation, Insurance, etc. It’s time your financial tool reflects that.

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Designed for
Peace of Mind

Allo’s weekly practice lets you be confidently aware of your finances, while not being so obsessed with it that you are trapped in your financial app 24/7.

It's about meaningfully engaging with money, then setting down the phone, and living your life anxiety-free.

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Built for Change

We won’t lie. Real, material change in your financial life is hard and only achievable with time and patience. That’s why Allo helps build a habit that can last.

Allo reviews are deliberately kept simple and based on positive reinforcements. So it's easy to get started, and easy to stick with it.

How Does It Work?

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Every week, see all transactions across your bank accounts and credit cards in one place.

Allo automatically surfaces everything since your last review, so you never miss anything.

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Every week, see all transactions across your bank accounts and credit cards in one place.

Allo automatically surfaces everything since your last review, so you never miss anything.

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Tag and Flag

Be aware of the values that motivate your spending. Use tags and flags to track anything that deserves a second look.

Offload your to-do’s — things you don’t recognize, items to be refunded, or subscriptions to cancel — so you don't carry them in your head all week.

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Numbers matter, but so do emotions. Allo helps you be better in touch with how you feel about your finances at every step.

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Sit Back and Relax

Some call it "inbox zero", others call it "that zen feeling". Allo only surfaces things you haven’t seen, so when you’ve reviewed everything, you know you are done.

Set down your phone and spend the rest of the week outside of the numbers.


What about budgeting?

If budgeting works for you — great! The reality is that the ability to make and stick to a budget defies the realities of most people's lives. Expenses fluctuate a lot every month and we are generally too optimistic about what a resonable budget should be. This requires a tremendous amount of willpower to stick to a budget and most of us end up giving up.

Who is Allo For?

Everyone who doesn’t currently have a practice where they regularly review their spending. We know that in 30 days you will become more aware of how you spend your money, learn something new about yourself, and change something about how you spend.

What’s so great about awareness?

Awareness leads to behavior change. A UCLA study last year found that just being aware of what you spend reduces your expenses by over 15%.

Does the word "budget" make you run away?

Us too! That’s why we built Allo. It’s for the majority of us that don’t love to budget. Being aware doesn't mean limiting yourself, it just means noticing what you have spent.

This doesn’t sound like fun.

Although we can’t compete with silly cat videos, we believe that you will feel more grateful and joyful through Allo’s Mindful Money Practice.

I already know how I spend. How will Allo help?

Unless you actively track your spending, we are confident in the first 30 days of using Allo you will say some version of, “I had no idea I was spending that much on X.”

I’m not sure I want to know where I’m spending my money.

We hear you. Money avoidance is very common. As you become aware of your spending some things will surprise you and some will bother you. As you become more aware you can then choose to make the changes that feel right for you.

Why is Allo Invite Only?

Keeping Allo invite only allows us to make sure every user has the best experience. We are working hard to make Allo the best it can be and to make it available to you as soon as possible.

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